Eassa is a reluctant artist. He has doubts. He is a perfectionist. He doesn’t like making mistakes. He doesn’t draw much because “I cant do it!” Doing these structured art sessions helps Eassa be comfortable with the unpredictable aspect of art, its messiness, and the fact that it’s a developing skill. Working along side him, talking about textures and colours; encouraging him, showing how simple shapes transform to more complex ones; and genuinly admiring his confident strokes, were all important experiences for Eassa. He wasn’t happy with the end result: “it doesn’t look like the real thing, it’s smudged and not right”, was his concluding remark. It’s good to have a critical eye, but it’s important to be satisfied with the process. Although, he felt uncomfortable looking at his work on display in the dining room, he acknowledged it was a lot of fun, and chose the next character to draw from his favourite storybook. Is there a children storybook character you would like to draw?

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