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Eassa@Chicken Coop

This morning, school drop offs revealed the impact of lockdown on parents. Their clothes were creased, stained and looking tired. No evidence of make-up was found and caps/hats were on most heads, as a convinient cover up. Most noticeable was the parents’ haggard faces – seeming to have aged significantly in the past lockdown weeks. […]

Eassa@ Cracking Walnuts

A couple of days a go, I was with Eassa listening to one of my favourite childhood recitations of the Beautiful Names of Allah: Eassa: I really like this. They just said the name Al-Jabbar [The Most Powerful], did you hear it?! Such a good name! I want to call my son Jabbar. Me: Do […]

Eassa@Rainy day Painting

On this very wet Sunday, we are trying out wet on wet water colour techniques. I have been reading about Waldorf painting lessons for children, and loved the simplicity of lessons -working with primary colours, and using one or two colours to begin with. This encouraged Eassa to focus on technique – using his brush […]

Eassa@the Graveyard

Eassa was asking to visit again his beloved Jiddo Essa who passed away some 6 weeks a go, may God bring Mercy upon his soul. We also visited the late Sheikh AlBakiry who was instrumental in our early lives and was the one to perform the marriage ceremony for Mazin and I. We miss him. […]


Eassa is a reluctant artist. He has doubts. He is a perfectionist. He doesn’t like making mistakes. He doesn’t draw much because “I cant do it!” Doing these structured art sessions helps Eassa be comfortable with the unpredictable aspect of art, its messiness, and the fact that it’s a developing skill. Working along side him, […]

Eassa@First tooth lost

Eassa lost his first tooth yesterday. He’s been waiting for this moment ever since he read a book at school about tooth fairies. It’s a hot topic among his fellow classmates. He is desprete to find out if these illusive generous creatures are real. We’ve talked about it. Eassa knows my views on the topic. […]