Eassa@First tooth lost

Eassa lost his first tooth yesterday. He’s been waiting for this moment ever since he read a book at school about tooth fairies. It’s a hot topic among his fellow classmates. He is desprete to find out if these illusive generous creatures are real. We’ve talked about it. Eassa knows my views on the topic. Tooth fairies are imaginary. But he questioned the rigidity of my views, and hoped I was wrong. And when he sensed that his own tooth has become wobbly, he came up with a plan. The tooth fell. He duely cleaned his room because fairies do not come to messy rooms. He placed the tooth under the pillow, made every member promise not to interfere or try to trick him by placing money under his pillow while he was asleep. Then he went to sleep. He woke up this morning flipped off his pillow and saw that the tooth was still there. No coins. He sighed. Eassa: Tooth fairies are not real, mum. Me: I’m sorry habibi. But don’t tell your friends at school. They might feel upset. Their parents put the money for them, so they believe its true. Eassa: I see. Pause Mum: would you like me tonight to pretend to be your tooth fairy? Eassa nods with a radiant smile.

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