Eassa@the Graveyard

Eassa was asking to visit again his beloved Jiddo Essa who passed away some 6 weeks a go, may God bring Mercy upon his soul. We also visited the late Sheikh AlBakiry who was instrumental in our early lives and was the one to perform the marriage ceremony for Mazin and I. We miss him. May he be embraced with peace. As we sat there contemplating our connections, I had a deep longing to join them. I wondered if my journey is very near to its end? And would I feel relief when the end arrives? I wondered what the many souls around me are thinking; what they wished to tell us about after life; and what they hoped for us to do on their behalf. I looked across to the right and there was a grave of a person born a year earlier than me who passed away in 2014. I recited Fatiha and prayed for his soul. I prayed for mine too.

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