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@The Month Of Ramadan

Farewell the Holy Month of Ramadan. Looking back through the planner, there is clarity, and an appreciation for the journey. There are also blank days highlighting the fact that I was too busy to record my learning on that day, and that I couldn’t recall after a few days what it was that I learnt. […]

Eassa@Learning Languages & The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

Aiming for Eassa to be homeschooled bilingually is tricky especially that I will be his main teacher for both Arabic and English. I dedicate blocks of time to English where I speak exclusively in English with him. We play, read stories, cook and discuss in English. This is an example of a morning dedicated to […]

Eassa@ Arabic Alphabet

Eassa learning the letter كاف in Arabic. I set up the learning area with books, cards, toys, and Islamic resources that might connect to the letter. I also decide on a few physical activities that might be used to help Eassa visually remember the letter. Here, we visited the chicken pen and the little chicks […]

Eassa@Learning About Plants

  We were working in the garden together today collecting some herbs and tomatoes. It was the perfect opportunity to practice our English letters. Homeschooling Eassa in both Arabic and English is sometimes tricky because it requires set times where we switch to speaking in English as Arabic is our main language. I am considering […]


تحليلات عيسى: عيسى: ماما شلون مات الامام الحسين؟ ماما: قتلوه وهو عطشان. ماخلوه يشرب ماي. عيسى: منو قتله؟ ماما: يزيد. عيسى: يزيد شرب ماي؟ ماما: اي شرب ماي هوايه ومقبل يخلون الإمام الحسين يشرب ماي. عيسى: اي وسوه بولة بفراشه بالليل! Eassa’s analysis of the events of Karbala: Eassa: Mum, how did Imam Hussain die? […]


  First 3 photos are of the Fatemeh Masoumeh Wood Museum (Qom) telling the moving story of Lady Masoumeh through multiple wooden panoramas, including one depicting her janaza after being poisoned. The last photo are of the current situation in the shrine of Lady Masoumeh with the restrictions on use of this public space due […]