Eassa@cooking and sewing

Giving children the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities provides them with a lasting sense of confidence and belonging. Painting, cutting paper and making things from recycled materials is great for their creativity but kids know that these are “kids activities”. They yearn to be part of the household, to do exciting and dangerous new tasks that contribute to the family wellbeing. My four year old is always with me in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure what tasks to give him and limited him to mixing, kneading, bringing ingredients out of cupboards, and watching me cook. One day, I gave him a chopping board and knife. This was life changing for little Eassa. He does our salad, chopped our vegetables and contributes meaningfully to our meal making. He also learnt about safety and hygiene in the kitchen, how to hold the knife and to take care of his little fingers.

The next video is of him trying out sewing. He saw me and his sister working on our quilts. I asked if he wanted to give it a go. He enjoyed it and was patient to complete his little square. He didn’t want to do it again but felt that now he had a better understanding and appreciation of the art of sewing. Try something new and meaningful with your toddler.

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