تحليلات عيسى:
عيسى: ماما شلون مات الامام الحسين؟
ماما: قتلوه وهو عطشان. ماخلوه يشرب ماي.
عيسى: منو قتله؟
ماما: يزيد.
عيسى: يزيد شرب ماي؟
ماما: اي شرب ماي هوايه ومقبل يخلون الإمام الحسين يشرب ماي.
عيسى: اي وسوه بولة بفراشه بالليل!
Eassa’s analysis of the events of Karbala:
Eassa: Mum, how did Imam Hussain die?
Mum: They killed him whilst he was thirsty. They didn’t let him drink water.
Eassa: Who killed him?
Mum: Yazeed.
Eassa: Did Yazeed drink water?
Mum: yes he drank a lot of water and didn t allow Imam Hussain to drink water.
Eassa: Yes, and then he peed in his bed at night!

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