Eassa@ Arabic Alphabet

Eassa learning the letter كاف in Arabic. I set up the learning area with books, cards, toys, and Islamic resources that might connect to the letter. I also decide on a few physical activities that might be used to help Eassa visually remember the letter. Here, we visited the chicken pen and the little chicks كتاكيت, we talked about the chicken life cycle and created a life cycle using Eassa’s photos that we took. We ate كعك، painted a log and wrote on it كوسة and placed it in the garden next to the zucchini plant. We made the letter with popsicle sticks. We listened to Surat Al-Kursi and tried to find the word كرسيه in the sura. We will keep going by making the كعبة, talk about الكوثر. We find the names of Allah that have the letter كاف. We also used our flash cards for games, and our كاف story book and activity book. Add your ideas. What else can we do?