Eassa@Early Mornings

In the picture on the left, little Eassa is giving me a fake smile as he walks to his school. He is nervous and would rather stay home and cuddle in bed, but he is being a big boy and continues on this new journey. Two hours later, on the right, he is climbing the steps to his carer’s place, carrying his important bag. Time to play and relax with his four best friends.

We are blessed to have the opportunity to do collaborative teaching with Eassa’s local school, home, and carer (educator). Three different settings that provide Eassa with a tailored learning program. .

Although in the past I have had collaborative teaching arrangements for my older children, I have not experienced the same level of support, kindness and encouragement that Eassa’s school is offering. Their flexibility and understanding are refreshing and make my job so much easier. He goes to school three days a week to learn English and Science. He goes to his carer one and a half days. His lovely carer bends backwards to make sure that Eassa receives the allocated learning needed through play, interaction and hands-on activities. The rest of time he is learning with me. Children are always learning ☺️

I will keep you updated, inshaallah, with Eassa’s progress and how things work out. In the meantime if you would like to have a copy of Eassa’s learning plan (approved by VRQA) to get ideas for home schooling, let me know🌿