Nature Life Cycles

Good morning beautiful people. We were exploring in our garden yesterday and found this gorgeous bottlebrush tree (not sure of the specific name of this species).
It was awesome to find the elements of the full cycle on the one tree at the same time. Eassa loved learning about the fruiting capsules (second pic); the buds; and the anthers at the top of the spikes. He loved describing the cycle to everyone

at home; and connecting it with our own human story of birth, life, growth, infirmity, and death.

Life cycles are everywhere around us. They seek to prepare us to grow, give generously, and then let

go. Have you noticed that, generally, young children are so much more accepting of this cycle and of letting go, than adults. Do we lose our in

nate sense of purpose as we grow? Do we get captured by the glitter of this life that we keep holding on to everything?