Eassa@Teaching Maryam

Eassa to his cousin : No! No! This is not for girls. Girls don’t play with Legos 😳😳
This is coming from a five year old who witnessed his older sister build real wooden cabinets with her dad 🤨
It takes a lot of work to change societal perceptions and preconceived ideas. Us teachers, carers, mothers and sisters have a big role to play in educating our boys, sons and brothers. As women, we need to be visibly learning, building, creating and being active in our community; we need to make sure our young girls have legos to play with (not just pink legos, but normal building legos 😅). Btw I hated the pink lego version 😖.
Ps. This pic was taken by, and conversation happened in the presence of, khala @massoudaarjmand ❤