I am astounded by the amount of work expected from 5 year old at Foundation level. Writing 25 words a day, reading books, completing allocated digital work, answering questions … how did this happen? I don’t remember all this happening at prep for my other kids?
So yesterday the school was having a disco party online for 100 days of learning. In preparation they sent the children an envelop with all sorts of colouring activities, certificates etc. Eassa was excited. But on the morning of the allocated day I explained to Eassa that we don’t do Disco: “have you ever seen mum or dad attend a disco part? Do u know what a disco party is even? 😅). I promised that if he decides not to attend it, then we can have our own part in the evening. I Didn’t have to convince him much, he was in right away!
We spent the day selecting a recipe for muffins, writing the ingredients on a piece of paper, counting and measuring, doubling ingredients to make 24 muffins, talking about fractions eg 1/4 cup, 1/2 teaspoon…
Once Thee muffins were ready, we cleaned up, selected our clothes to wear, invited each member of the family and set the table up.
It was a beautiful family party 🥰😍 Gratitude to Allah for his endless blessings and these precious times.