Crazy Week

Good morning friends, it’s FRIDAAAAYY! The week “zoomz” bye and I feel like I am racing against time to do all the things on my action list- majority of the items on the list seem to be moved forward to the following week 🤦🏽‍♀️
I am bouncing between community commitments, cooking healthy meals, providing emotional support to my older kids, entertaining my younger one, homeschooling, administrative work for Sabeel, nurturing the relationship with my other half, nurturing the garden, etc etc And by Friday I usually feel fragile and worn out. And with the lockdown, there is no escape!
So. I have learnt to look forward to my prayer time. Sounds corny? Yeah, but it works. It’s the time where I intentionally block out everything. All the noise. The distractions. The worries. The nagging. I create an invisible shield around me on my prayer mat. I close my eyes and tell myself, I am here for You. Nurture me Lord. Give me from Your patience, love and grace. Nothing breaks through this barrier even if it physically enters the space. I am wrapped with this protective sealant. I am safe. These moments of calm are precious to me. They reaffirm my mission and purpose. They give me perspective. And. I get to be vulnerable and fragile before my maker. Let the tears fall down and the heart overflow.
A blessed and spiritual Friday to you all.