@The Islamic Museum (No.2)

**Dawood the bear brought so much excitement at our Storytelling session this morning. He had done a few mistakes and needed some advice on how to fix them. He had eaten too many chocolates without asking permission; he had broken a plate while running down the stairs; he played with his food and made a mess; and he ripped his penguin book. What should he do to fix all this? **We discussed Prophet Adam and Lady Hawa’s way of fixing mistakes:
1. They didn’t blame anyone
2. They apologised and asked for forgiveness استغفر الله
3. They were brave and spoke with Allah, and learnt from their mistake
4. They worked to fix their mistake
5. We learnt that Shaytan might try to trick us but he really can’t force us to do wrong. We can ask Allah to protect us from him by saying special words
اعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
**We helped Dawoud and gave him lots of good advice. He was happy and gave everyone a hug! **I also showed everyone the many mistakes I made in my art work. There was a mess of paint. Everyone helped me transform the mess to beautiful paintings of animals instead of throwing it out. **We read the book ‘Beautiful Oops!’ It was a funny and interesting book with lots of mistakes that transformed to beautiful things.