Eassa@Tennis Court

I often admire the beautiful colour-coordinated photos that many homeschooling mums post on Instagram. I find myself wanting that! It’s tempting to be caught up in buying, making and organising resources to ‘look good’ rather than be effective and useful. I will share with you a secret. Children don’t need the latest most expensive picture books, cards, and learning resources. They don’t need a room full of beautifully carved wooden toys and teaching tools, and they certainly don’t need expensive art supplies.
Many of my resources are second hand. I buy my books for 20 cents from the library used book sales. I often visit opp shops to buy cheap second hand board games and supplies. I use free printables from the net and adapt them to fit the purpose. I rely heavily on hands-on experiences that surround us including our backyard, local trips to museums, farms, neighbours, shops, post office, banks, professionals, reserves and playgrounds. I am always thinking of ways to recycle what I already have. Most importantly, I look for ways of providing opportunities for my child to make meaningful contributions to the family and community.
This involves my child doing hard, messy work, and making mistakes. It requires me to be patient with him, and tolerate the daily chaos that results from his attempts, tantrums, and excitement.
Homeschooling is a beautiful experience but it doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive one ❤🤷🏾‍♀️😎

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