Eassa@Painting With Pastels

Eassa at work using pastels for the first time, and trying out the blending process. We are making here a Quran memorisation tracker inspired by the one displayed @oliveillustration 😍 Seeing Eassa comfortable with experimenting in his art, being

messy, and having his hands full of paint, makes me smile. It took a lot of work to get him there both by me and by his aunty @massoudaarjmandHe would start drawing or painting and within minutes he would rip his work in frustration and throw it in the bin. “I did a mistake”, he would say. He would wash h

is hands several times during the painting process because he didn’t like the sensation 9f having colour pigments and getting his hands dirty.

Giving Eassa

confidence in his work and creativity required a lot of talking about the creative process, and using opport


 to turn my own messy work into something new and une

xpected. I would sometimes purposely cause blotches of paint on my work, show surprise and then use them as part of my design. He loved that.
The book “Beautiful Oops!”, was a good resource to show how mistakes can turn into opportunities.
Going to museums and exhibitions, watching artists at work also motivated Eassa to see art as a form of expressi

on and a language to learn. It takes time to perfect. Eassa believes he is an artist. He values his work. Even when he identifies mistakes in his work he sees value in it. When I finished my heart painting I displayed it on a book stand. I left him to complete his own. This morning I find that he placed his painting on top of mine 😅 I think he believes his looks better than his mum’s🙃🤩

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