Eassa@Learning about Backbiting

Salaaaam to all you lovely souls on this cloudy Friday morning. So. Backbiting. It happens in the most unpredictable ways. You are chit chatting about life with your friend – all innocent stuff… and then, a name is dropped – innocently – how are they? What are they upto? And talk happens…In your head you think that you are only mentioning stuff that’s true anyway or that the other person knows… and plus you are not backbiting, you are analysing… learning about life from how others handled it… or maybe you are concerned for the person mentioned and trying to solve their problem with your friend… STOP! Cut the conversation, change the subject, spill the coffee on yourself … anything… Just don’t go down this trap. And don’t tell yourself that you can control what you say and you don’t backbit. You are responsible for what you say as well as what you hear. Even if you are a saint, you can’t control others. The Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, would not allow the mention of individuals in his presence out of fear that he might hear something about the individuals that he disliked, and hence would change how he felt about them. It’s hard to avoid mentioning people in conversations. It seems almost rude too. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. Try this rule in your life and see how you go: “no speaking about others in conversations”. Why? Because backbiting feels bad after it ends; it impacts on our souls, it turns us into judges instead of friends; it hardens our hearts. Plus, causes one to lose 40 days of prayers; requires us to seek forgiveness from the person we spoke of; and could cost us big points on the day of judgment as well as being publicly humiliated in front of the entirity of humanity – just saying. Oh, and eassa wants you to know that he really enjoyed this book from the series احباب الله about the prophet and being trustworthy. You can find it @sabeeleducation or check the website sabeel.com.au
Eassa writing and completing the activities written in the book.

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