Eassa was with his carer Aunty @massoudaarjmand last week. He and the other children made pizza together for lunch 😋

Eassa: Eat your crust Maryam.
Maryam: I don’t like it.
Aunty Massouda: Khalo Ahmed doesn’t like crust too.
Sakina: Who’s Khalo Ahmed.
Aunty Massouda: Maryam’s dad.
Eassa: Maryam’s mum is Khala kaotar. She married khalo Ahmed.
Sakina: How do you get married?
Eassa: You find someone you love and get married, or Allah will find it for you.

Eassa at my house after coming back from Aunty Massouda
Eassa: I love khala Massouda and my friends
Me: And me, you love me too?
Eassa: Yes but I love khala Massouda more. (He gives me a comforting charitable look) I have a small space left in my heart for you.

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