t’s been raining all night and all morning. We sat at the table with our cups of warm chocolate milk. We took out our pencils and brushes. And we painted some sunshine into our day. I then realised something important. Eassa is confident writing his name in English but not in Arabic. I thought about it. Why? He has been learning Arabic before English. It’s his first language. We have been practicing writing Arabic for such a long time relative to his English. Hang on! Recently, Eassa has been practicing a lot of tracing and writing in English. I provide him with an endless supply of English activity books. I am never worried if he writes and scribbles on his English books, and he does that often. But Arabic books! Arabic books are precious. I am protective of them because they are difficult to obtain. They are also expensive. I usually photocopy Arabic writing practice pages whenever he demands them. Then after a while, the completed worksheets go in the bin. The visual progress is not there for Arabic. The easy access to activity books is not happening. .
This morning, I went through my Arabic writing and activity books. I asked Eassa to select the one he prefers. He did, and we’ve been having fun scribbling and practising in Arabic together. .
It’s incredible how our fears and insecurities impact our children. I rediscover this over and over again. .

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